Comfort for your pet while you’re away!

For pet parents who are headed out of town, it’s never easy to leave their favorite four-legged friend behind. That’s why the boarding facility at Central Valley Animal Hospital can be such a good resource for you. We provide you with a comfortable, clean, calm facility for your dog or cat, where we’ll keep a close eye on your pet and keep them safe and well-cared for until your return.

We offer boarding for all types of pets from the small kitty cat to the large breed dog. All of our boarders are kept inside in a climate controlled building in their own cage, run or suite. Our canine boarders are walked twice daily in a controlled outside area while our feline boarders have access to their kitty-condos. We are open 6 days a week with pick-up services on Sunday.

In every case, all pets staying with us must be up to date on their vaccinations. We recommend you make a reservation well in advance as all available spots generally fill up quickly.