Veterinary Services

Central Valley Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary facility that specializes in the treatment of you dog and cat companions. We offer general and advanced medical care including wellness exams, preventative care, vaccinations, internal medicine, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, spay and neuter, dentistry, and emergency services.

  • General Wellness and Preventative Care
    At Central Valley Animal Hospital, we focus on preventative medicine. Routine wellness visits, parasite control and balanced nutrition are important for good health care.
  • Routine Vaccinations
    To prevent infectious diseases and chronic illnesses, it’s essential for your pet to get the full array of recommended pet vaccines.
  • Surgical Laser Procuedures
    Our highly skilled veterinary team at Central Valley Animal Hospital performs many different types of surgery ranging from routine spays and neuters to more complex soft tissue and orthopedic procedures.
  • Digital Imaging
    Central Valley Animal Hospital is equipped with a state-of-the art diagnostic laboratory, digital radiology suite and ultra-sound with results often available the same day of the appointment.
  • Laser Therapy
    Central Valley Animal would like to share the benefits of their Class IV Therapeutic Laser. A non-invasive treatment that has shown remarkable results.
  • Dental Care
    We offer complete dental care services. Dental disease is an often-overlooked threat to the comfort and health of your pet. Your veterinarian may recommend a particular dental cleaning schedule, oral care routine, or special treatment based on your pet’s dental health needs.