Digital Imaging

We offer in-house laboratory diagnostics which provides us with same day test results.  This will assist us to screen for potential problems that may otherwise go unnoticed.

The diagnostic imaging service at Central Valley Animal Hospital utilizes advanced tools available to help diagnose your pets’ medical issues. Central Valley has incorporated state-of-the-art imaging into our diagnostic capabilities, leading to more immediate treatment and giving our doctors the chance to share patient information in a much more time-efficient manner.

Digital x-rays provide quicker, clearer and faster images than film x-ray. Like a digital photo, a digital radiograph can be manipulated after it is taken allowing our team to view the image in ways that aren’t possible with film x-ray.

Ultrasonography makes the use of sound waves to detect presence of fluid, abnormally thickened tissues or growths primarily in the chest and abdominal cavities of pets, but can also be used to detect the presence of soft tissue abscesses or tumors. Pets often can undergo ultrasound examination awake or with minimal sedation as compared to CT and MRI that require anesthesia to keep the pets perfectly still for those studies.