Therapeutic Laser Therapy

Central Valley Animal would like to share the benefits of their Class IV Therapeutic Laser. A non-invasive treatment that has shown remarkable results.

Tissue that is damaged and poorly oxygenated as a result of swelling, trauma or inflammation has been shown to have a positive response to laser therapy irradiation. Deep penetrating photons activate a biochemical cascade of events leading to rapid cellular regeneration, normalization and healing.

Laser light energy is highly absorbed by skin and subcutaneous tissue, therefore, penetration is key to therapeutic results. Traditional low level therapy (Class I-III) provides less than optimal clinical outcomes in most disease conditions because it cannot produce the deep tissue laser penetration necessary without using excessively long treatment times. Longer wavelengths and higher power output result in deeper penetration and higher dosage to the tissue. Larger laser therapeutic dosage levels produce improved clinical outcomes.

Beneficial effect on nerve cells which blocks pain transmitted by these cells to the brain in which decreases nerve sensitivity. Also produces high levels of chemicals such as, endorphins and encephalin from the brain and adrenal glands. This is beneficial to the arthritic patient because we can decrease or in some cases eliminate the use of steroids and other pain medication by the use of supplemental laser therapy.

Laser light penetrates deeply into the tissue and accelerates cellular reproduction and growth by increasing the energy available at the cellular level thus allowing faster update of nutrients and faster elimination of waste by-products. The end result is quicker healing of damaged tissues such as, tendons, ligaments, bone and muscle.

Decreases inflammation by increasing lymphatic drainage allowing easier drainage of toxins in the affected area.

  • Promotes healing time and decrease the formation of scar tissue. Great for post-surgical procedures.
  • Arthritis (hips, back, joints etc…)
  • Stomatitis (gum disease)
  • Disc disease (back injuries)
  • Anal gland infection/inflammation
  • Wound healing
  • Wound contamination
  • Lick Granulomas
  • Otitis (ear infectons)
  • Muscle sprains